Behaviour Matters.  What teacher hasn’t had a sleepless night worrying about how to survive 9F3 on a Friday afternoon?  The good news is that there are lots of strategies out there that work on a classroom and whole-school level to improve behaviour. 

For the classroom teacher, it’s about building up a repertoire of strategies that can be matched to the students and the situation.  Teachers with good behaviour management are not super-heroes – sorry to burst that bubble; they’ve just got a better range of strategies that they’ve learned how to use effectively. 

And a growth mindset is crucial.  No one is born knowing how to get Disaffected Student to stop texting under the desk and get on with his work.  Developing behaviour skills takes time, practice, imagination and tenacity, but it’s well worth the effort when you’ve got 9F3 eating from the palm of your hand!

Hopefully, these resources will help:

  1. Be Better at Behaviour
  2. Behaviour Strategies
  3. Teacher Toolkit's 5 Minute Behaviour Plan
  4. Discipline Audit
  5. Strategies for Whole-School Behaviour
  6. Charlie Taylor's Behaviour Checklist
  7. Needs Focused Interventions
  8. Behaviour Toolkit
  9. Turnford School's Classroom Climate Log
  10. Be better at dealing with Low Level Disruption