Effective learning is an equation.  It requires input from the teacher in the form of high quality teaching, and from the learner in the form of high quality learning.  If either part of the sum is missing, the outcome will not be as good.

 There is some controversy over the extent to which we can teach character development, but it is certainly possible to model what good learning looks like and to provide scaffolds to help students to develop their learning skills.

These resources provide some ideas for growing your learners:

  1. Failing to Succeed Assembly
  2. How to Pass Exams
  3. 8 Habits of Highly Effective Learners
  4. Homework to Extend Learning
  5. 68 Strategies to Get Homework In
  6. Learning Contract
  7. Good Learner Audit
  8. Study Management Planner
  9. Independent Learning Skills Log
  10. Revision Self-Assessment
  11. Balance Self-Assessment
  12. Revision Log