It could be argued that Assessment and Feedback have become battlegrounds of late with Assessment for Learning strategies coming under critical challenge.

In Assessment, terminology is shifting from ‘progress’ to ‘mastery’ with implications for what is assessed, how and when.  There is also criticism of lack of rigour in assessment, from uncritical ‘thumbs up’ progress checking in the classroom, to imprecise mark schemes and downright inaccurate exam marking.

 Finding the perfect Feedback strategy is something of a ‘holy grail’ for teachers caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of poor feedback that is insufficient, unhelpful, unused, or inappropriate (including the misuse of peer and self-assessment) to poor feedback that is over-detailed, too frequent, still unused and inappropriately time-consuming for the teacher.

These resources will hopefully be of some assistance in solving these dilemmas:

  1. Strategies for Mastery Curriculum & Assessment
  2. Strategies for quick & effective feedback
  3. Peer & Self-Assessment: Strategies & Pitfalls
  4. Progress Checking: Strategies & Pitfalls
  5. Improvement Strategy Log
  6. S&C Curriculum Mapping
  7. S&C Planning Schedule
  8. Exemplar Essay Self-Assessment 1
  9. Exemplar Essay Self-Assessment 2
  10. Exemplar Essay Self-Assessment 3
  11. Exemplar History KS3 Flight Path
  12. Exemplar KS3 History Assessment
  13. Exemplar Essay